How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Bluetooth audio receivers are great way for speakers to become wireless. However, since these devices use wireless technology, there are several problems that can occur. I will highlight some of these issues and also point out how you can resolve them.

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There are regular Bluetooth receivers and receivers which incorporate an audio amplifier. For example, Bluetooth receivers from Amphony have an amplifier built-in which means that you can connect those directly to his speaker. Other products give you a line-never output which either connects to a monitor speaker or a power amplifier.

If you opt for a regular receiver, then the problem could be in the receiver or in the amplifier. Therefore, having an integrated device is usually easier from the troubleshooting standpoint. However, having separate devices to receive and amplify the signal will give you the option to replace …

A Look at Power Supplies for Wireless Speakers

By definition, wireless speakers require power. They do incorporate the power amplifier inside the speaker. Power is also required for operating the internal wireless receiver. Without those two components, there would be no way for the speaker to produce any sound. There different ways that manufacturers have designed the power supply for wireless speakers. I’m going to investigate some power supply options and offer some recommendations regarding suitability for particular application.

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Wireless speakers which are intended to be used outdoors usually have the power supply integrated into the speaker. That is necessary because of safety regulations. Other types of wireless speakers typically use a wallwart type power supply. This wallwart is external of the speaker. Both options have pros and cons. From an installation perspective, using a wireless speakers with integrated power supply is easier. You just have to worry …

The Demise of the Movie Theater

Several decades ago people used to love going to the movie theater. In fact, I personally was marking my calendar every Saturday and then I was driving out usually to an outdoor movie complex. My girlfriend and I would have a date pretty much every week the same time. However, times have changed. People visiting the movie theater are becoming less and less. I think there are several reasons for that. I will take a look at some of the causes for the shrinking audience in movie theaters. Let’s try to make some sense of all of this.

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It might seem surprising that people going to the movies are becoming less and less these days. That is especially so since the quality in terms of digital effects of movies seems to have increased dramatically thanks to the advances of computer …

Some Insider Tricks for Installing Wireless Speakers

The truth is, you don’t have to be a specialist in order to set up a pair of wireless speakers. Wireless speakers are inherently easier to install than regular speakers. Just imagine not having to string long speaker wire through holes and drill openings into your partitions. Nonetheless, in this post I will offer some advice that should simplify the installation if you are setting up wireless speakers.

Depending on the location of the speakers, you will either put them on a flat surface or mount them to the wall by using an appropriate wall mount. If you using amount to assemble the speakers, either purchase the amount from the manufacturer that also makes the speakers ensure a good fit or do proper research to find the model that will snugly fit the speakers. You might be able to get …